Brand Refresh and Manual

Consistency. It’s a word that is used across myriad disciples to communicate the valuable principle of continuously producing quality, whether in a performance, product, or person. The public face of a company must also be consistent; colors, typefaces, and logos must all work together to create a trusted, consistent presence whether in person, through print, or on the web.

Ohio Business College (OBC) wanted to both refresh the look and feel of their current brand, and then build a concise but thorough manual to document the appropriate applications of brand elements. LR Mueller Graphics worked with them to determine the essential elements of the brand, the things that could not change, and then brought in some new, more streamlined elements to highlight the power of the brand. The corporate identity manual that LRMG created details everything from logo sizes and clearances to typeface choices and appropriate color uses and applications. OBC has a new look, and the manual to keep going strong.

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