• Program Guides

    Program Guides

    One of the many things that makes Ohio Business College a great place is their passion and drive to help…

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  • School Brochure

    School Brochure

    Ohio Business College asked LRMG to give some of their marketing materials a facelift, and bring them into line with…

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  • Postcard Mailers

    Postcard Mailers

    Ohio Business College utilizes many forms of communication to keep in touch and connected to current and potential students. One…

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  • Company Brochure

    Company Brochure

    The company brochure for Bula Defense Systems was the lynch pin of their marketing plan. The brochure utilized custom photography…

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  • Trade Show Materials, Sales Sheets & Website

    Trade Show Materials, Sales Sheets &

    LR Mueller Graphics first connected with Bula Defense Systems in November 2015. BDS was looking for a design firm to…

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  • Brand Refresh & Manual

    Brand Refresh & Manual

    When LR Mueller Graphics first connected with Sturtevant Richmont (SR), we looked at the whole marketing picture to determine how…

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  • Brand Refresh and Manual

    Brand Refresh and Manual

    Consistency. It’s a word that is used across myriad disciples to communicate the valuable principle of continuously producing quality, whether…

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  • Branding, Marketing Collateral, and Website Re-Design

    Branding, Marketing Collateral, and Webs

    LR Mueller Graphics had so much fun with this project. When Adele came to LRMG, she said that she needed…

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  • Business Stationery Set

    Business Stationery Set

    People say print is dead, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nothing can represent and company and their…

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